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Beautifully Simple

Home buying can be long, drawn out process, especially if you're building. You're eager to get into your new home, but it seems like there's an endless list of things to complete before your home will be ready to move in. We're proud of how quickly we finish our homes, but we're always striving to do it better and faster. In hopes to simplify your home buying process, we revisited the way you design your home...

How It Works

Want the benefit of hiring a professional designer, without the extra cost? We got you covered. We hired professional home designers to create five beautiful color options, for both your exterior and interior. That's right, we did all the dirty work so you don't have to. No more spending countless hours trying to decide which color paint will best match your bathroom tile. All you have to do is simply choose from the five designer selected finishes that best suits your lifestyle. 

We offer 5 exterior color options to choose from. For your exterior, you may choose between the Classic, Coastal, Contemporary, Farmhouse, or Rustic design. See examples from our Shire floor plan below.

We offer 5 interior color options to choose from. For your interior, you may choose between the Baylor, Boulder, Lexington, Manhattan, or Tahoe color palette.