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We're excited to announce that we've teamed up with CenturyLink® to offer our Wells Crossing homeowners a FREE year* of 1 GB Fiber internet, wired directly to their homes. 

How fast is Fiber? To put it in perspective, the average fixed broadband internet speed in the U.S. is 144  Mbps**. CenturyLink® Fiber Internet offers download/upload speeds of up to 940 Mbps! To get an idea of how fast that is, using the country's average download speed, it would take roughly 4 1/2 minutes to download a 2-hour HD movie. With CenturyLink® Fiber it would take just 25 seconds to download that same movie. Pretty fast, huh?

*$959.40 credit. This amount pays for 1 year of CenturyLink® 1 GB Fiber Internet. If the homeowner chooses to add TV and/or phone to their plan, the monthly cost will be deducted from the available credit until the credit amount reaches $0. Once the credit amount is reaches $0 the homeowner will be responsible for any monthly costs relating to their internet package thereafter. 

**Info from

All download speeds may vary depending on your internet connection, line quality, and modem/ISP bandwidth used to keep internet line open. 

Certificate for one year of free CenturyLink™ fiber internet provided at closing. After one year of use, the homeowner will be responsible for payment for continued use of fiber internet.